Tuesday, August 13, 2013 By: Mandi


Yoga is an art, an exercise, a relaxation technique.  It is a way to feel one with yourself, increase flexibility and just feel good.  There are so many different forms in yoga, and so many different types to achieve your goal.  People use yoga to loose weight, fix their posture, feel more confident, breathe better, relax, sleep, wake up, and more.

I love yoga because it keeps me in shape for running, helps me wake up in the morning and fall asleep on nights when I can't sleep, and makes me feel good.  My favorite kind of yoga is the relaxing kind.  I'm not a yoga buff by any means, I'm not super flexible or super strong, but I do love the relaxing kind of yoga I do.

My favorite moves are:

  • Tree Pose
    • This is probably my favorite pose.  You stand on one foot, lifting your foot to above your knee, and balance.  It helps with focus, strength, and balance. 
  • Sun Salutation 
    • In this pose you do a lot of moving.  You start by standing, bend your knees and put your palms together, then reach up to the sky, straightening your legs and facing your palms out, and leaning back toward the sun.  This is usually done continuosly, by then bending your knees and going back to the original position.
  • Corpse Pose
    • This may be a "lazy" pose, but it is amazing for just relaxing, fixing your breath, and meditating.  The best part? You can fall asleep! In this pose, you lay on your back, legs and arms apart, palms up, and eyes closed.
  • Child's Pose
    • This is one of my go-to poses for waking up or going to sleep.  It is relaxing and a good stretch.  Sitting on your knees, you reach forward and rest your head on your knees.  Bring your arms back to lay by your side and relax for a few breaths. 
  • Legs-up-the-Wall Pose
    • I didn't realize this pose was used in yoga until recently, but it has become my savior!  If your legs hurt from standing or walking or running, Put your legs straight up on the wall and sit there until you feel better.  This pose helped me for years in cross country and on days when my legs just hurt.  The more you do on your feet, the more lactic acid pools in your legs.  When you put them up so high, it drains your fluids to your liver, and you pee it out! (That may be TMI, but I thought it was interesting information)
  • Eagle Pose 
    • In this, your legs are crossed, standing on one foot, and your arms are crossed over each other as you reach to the sky.  It's similar to the beginning of the Sun Salutation, but in this you are balancing and your legs and arms are crossed. 
These are just a few of the poses I do to relax, be more flexible, and feel healthy.  You should always start out slow and be careful about what hurts.  Make sure to be in tune to your body and know what helps and what just hurts!  These are some great beginning poses though that should be very comfortable for most.  Good luck, and if you like it, branch out and try some more!


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