Wednesday, July 2, 2014 0 comments By: Mandi

Pets--Our Family

We consider our family to be all living beings under our roof. There are the four humans: Mom, Dad, Jake, and myself, Amanda.  There are the two bunnies: Emma and Olivia.  There is the one dog: Bella.  We make a good sized-family, with plenty to do and never a boring moment.

Bella with her shades
Bella and I love to play.  I dress her up only on rare occasions and when she lets me.  She tends to like wearing glasses and the like.  She even has her own Instagram!

Resting in the grass
On hot summer days, after we've run and splashed around, and after she's had a nice cool drink and a treat, she like to just lay in the shade and watch us do our thing.

"Will you play with me?"
She loves to give me the puppy dog eyes, because she knows I'll always fall for it!  Whether its just some loving and petting or its to run and play around the yard, I can never say no to that face!

Meet Emma
This is Emma, our curious, happy bunny.  She loves to run around in the grass and eat green things--especially kale.

Meet Olivia
This is Olivia.  She is much more cautious than Emma, and is more likely to nip or scratch at you than sniff you in curiosity.  She likes green things and carrots.

Cuddling Bunnies
Emma and Olivia love being together.  They are sisters, so they don't leave each other's side very often.  They may fight at times, chasing each other around in circles...but at the end of the day, they're good friends.  They love being out on the grass, and we try to take them out of their hut as often as possible so that they can enjoy the cool grass in the shade and have more room to run around.

Do you have any furry, scaly, feather-y family member?