Wednesday, August 21, 2013 By: Mandi

Vegan Products to Buy on a Budget

Vegan products are notoriously known for being expensive.  But it doesn't have to be that way!  There are actually many that are cost-effective and vegan AND work really well!  I have a few of my favorites and suggestions!

  1. E.L.F products.  By far the best, cheapest, make-up company I know, And it's vegan! I just purchased an eye shadow set full of colors I could use for $8.  And there were 32 different shades! If you're a new customer, get 50% off a $20 or more studio line by using this code: ECS50F at checkout.  Sign up for emails and get even more great deals!
  2. Aeropostale.  This clothing store has pretty great prices.  You know what else? They almost never use real fur, leather, or animal products.  Check them out! (But always check the labels just in case!)
  3. Converse.  Not the cheapest shoe out there, but they can have good sales and are 100% vegan. Get free shipping or 60% off clearance by going to the site now!
  4. Bath & Body Works.  They don't test on animals, and give millions of coupons and sales! Get $10 off $30 by entering F139274 at checkout
  5. Seventh Generation.  They are eco-friendly AND vegan, and have everything from cleaning products, to personal care, to tampons!
  6. Wet n Wild.  This cute make-up company is mostly vegan, just beware of Carmine, which they state is, "relatively harmless and is considered an all-natural ingredient" but is an animal ingredient nevertheless.
  7. PETA.  They are all about vegans, and offer tips, advice, clothing, prizes, school supplies, free e-cards, things to do in your free time (instead of spending money), and all sorts of rewards for helping animals if you join their street team! To get $10 off $50 at PETA, enter the code EWEB10 at checkout.
  8. The All Natural Face. OMG. This is my favorite face makeup company ever.  They have the best foundation and concealers, and AMAZING prices.  Go there, now!  I recently stocked up on school makeup with a 50% off groupon (now expired). But sign up for emails to get free stuff with purchases and always look for coupons!
I know from experience that these are great companies and products.  Give them a try!  Do you have any products you like using?


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