Wednesday, August 21, 2013 By: Mandi

Handmade Jewelry

Today I wanted to make a necklace that a guy could wear.  We just came back from the beach, so I thought I would use a seashell from there.  I picked an old guitar string as the string, since we have so many hanging around.  And that was all I used! I think it turned out to be something pretty neutral. It's not necessarily feminine or masculine. This is how it came out:
Guitar String and Seashell
Guy's Necklace (or girl's too)

Guitar String Necklace

  1. Take a guitar string:
Guitar String

2.  String a seashell on.

Add the seashell
3.  Loop the straight end through the end with the circle.
4.  Send it through again and loop it (don't pull it all the way through, this is fine) once it's on. It's easily adjustable now but doesn't fall off easily!

With the other necklace, I didn't loop it through a second time and just had the string meet up with the seashell, which had the perfect spot to hold the string.  
Loop the Guitar String
Wearing it a bit longer as a necklace
Guitar String Necklace

I think these came out pretty cool, especially since we had so many guitar strings just hanging around.  It's definitely something a little different and beachy! What do you think? Does it work?


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