Thursday, October 17, 2013 1 comments By: veggiechicmama

Benefits of Pomegranates

I wanted to take a moment to discuss my love of Pomegranates. They are a beautiful fruit that is so delicious & good for you. You can eat the seeds alone or put in blender for juice. Even can be made into a shampoo! (Haven't tried it yet, but will). Pomegranates have been said to help reduce blood pressure. It can also benefit heart & blood vessels & to inhibit certain cancers. It can amazingly stimulate serotonin & estrogen receptors that can naturally improve depression!!* Wow!!! My favorite way to enjoy this delicious fruit? The seeds mixed in with other berries in a fruit salad or even alone. As long as an organic & natural source, it can be enjoyable as a juice too. Such a perfect part of nature! What are your favorite ways to enjoy Pomegranates?                                       *Info from various research online( especially from Dr. Fuhrman's articles)