Tuesday, August 6, 2013 By: Mandi

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes carry all the dirt and germs from your face and the air, and make it easy to get sick and break out!  It's important to clean your makeup brushes 1-2 times a week!

This is how we clean our makeup brushes:

First, gather all your brushes, a gentle face wash (I use Simple), and a towel or tissue to dry them on.
Then, take your brush and rinse it in warm water.
Put a dollop of the face wash into your cupped hand and swirl the brush around until it's sudsy.
Rinse out the suds and makeup until the water is clear.  Do this for all your brushes, and let dry.
If you do this often, your brushes will stay clean, and so will your face!  Make sure to use makeup brushes that don't have real animal hair.  My favorites are EcoTools, Bare Escentuals, and E.L.F. 
How do you keep your makeup brushes clean?


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