Thursday, May 15, 2014 By: Mandi

Being Vegan at Parties

Let's face it. If you're vegan and you've had to go somewhere that's not vegan, like a friend's house or a family gathering, it can be a bit tough.  Especially if you're the only vegan.  And you should still be considerate.  So, what is the proper etiquette for being a vegan guest?  Here's what we think.

Proper Vegan Guest Etiquette:

  1. When you get the invitation, mention that you are vegan (If they don't already know). You don't want to seem rude at the party/gathering/event not eating any food.
  2. If they ask what they can make for you, be careful.  Don't ask for anything crazy.  No tofu dishes.  Mention that you can eat most sides without butter, and offer to bring a dish that you can eat.
  3. The day of the event, eat before you go! Being hungry and not having many options to eat will definitely make you a party pooper.  And you want people to like the happy, energetic vegan that you are! If you bring your own dish, you probably won't need to eat much before you go, however.
  4. At the event, try not to be defensive about being vegan.  Come up with answers to the common questions before you go. Some of the most common ones include "How do you get your protein?", "What do you eat other than vegetables?"  and "Why are you vegan?".  Have a positive attitude and try to have thoughtful answers. So, really, one of the most important things is to be the bigger person.  You're already healthier! Try and be kinder too. 


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