Wednesday, January 15, 2014 By: Mandi

A New Year

This past year has been full of ups and downs for the two of us.  For myself, I have not only started school as a college freshman, but I have learned lot about myself along the way.  I have encountered some obstacles, but have experienced many good times in the previous year.  I have some Resolutions I hope to accomplish this year to be a better student, a happier person, and a healthier hippie. ;)

Together, my Mom and I share a New Year's Resolution to make this blog more a part of our schedules, as it speaks to both of our passions.  My motto for the year? "If it makes you happy, do it.  If it doesn't, don't." Simple and sweet, and exactly what we all need in life.  What other point is there to life than being happy? I'm sure that's quite debatable, but that's my personal philosophy.

The end of 2013 came quickly, with me packing up again to come home for a month.  Then there were the holidays and all sorts of parties to attend.  Being vegan at other people's houses proved to be a challenge, but it can be made a lot easier with a smile and a good attitude.  We've learned through the years a few other tricks as well, such as eating before we go so that we aren't starving when we find out all we can eat is the salad. ;) For more tips on eating at other people's houses and vegan etiquette, go here!
One of the best reasons for coming home!

The first big event of the end of the year was Christmas. It is one of my favorite holidays!  My brother and I are much older than most kids who get excited for Christmas, but that doesn't stop us!  My brother and I wake up early in the morning every year, wake our exhausted parents up and drag them out of bed, and run to see what Santa wrote in his letter and how much of the carrots the reindeer nibbled at. ;)  After that the 5 of us (Us two, Jake, Dad, and Bella) sit around and open our gifts.  My favorite part is watching Bella, our three-year old puppy attacking her presents.  She got a stuffed fox on Christmas Day, and it has become her best friend, she brings her around everywhere with her.
A dying tree from our hill re-purposed for a while

Bella, tuckered out after all the hard work of Xmas gifts

One of my favorite decorations-the Xmas Village

New Year's eve was another exciting event, which we host every year.  I absolutely love watching the ball drop, having some Shirley Temples, and calling all our family members who are too far away to be there when the clock strikes 12.
Bella posing for New Year's Eve

And now it is 2014.  Many of us have created New Year's Resolutions and have been working on them for the past two weeks, how are they going for you?  We have a long ways ahead, but they say if you can do anything for three weeks, it becomes a habit.  So, hold on for one more week!  What are your New Year's Resolutions? Comment above!

Wishing You A Safe, Healthy, and very Happy 2014!


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