Monday, November 11, 2013 By: veggiechicmama

Chickpea-tofu salad

So my son & I are enjoying a day off of school today & decided to make up a healthy lunch to eat. Here's what we came up with. :) *We used leftover scrambled tofu from our Sunday Breakfast meal yesterday....the idea is you can always come up with creative salads. You can never become bored with salads. Be as creative as you want! Here's our version.

Romaine lettuce (1 head, shredded in big pieces& rinsed & dried)
Fresh Spinach(rinsed & dried)
Fresh Kale(rinsed & dried)
Can of chickpeas(drained)
Approx.1/2 cup leftover scrambled tofu*
2 TBSPNS Tahini
1 sheet Nori (shredded)
2 TBSPNS Gomashio
Sprinkle of S&P(to taste)
2 TBSPNS Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Mix in a big bowl altogether & enjoy as a salad or as my son suggested put in a wrap...Yummo!
(He's so smart:) )
* My favorite scrambled tofu recipe is Dr. Neal Barnard's recipe from the book that changed my life"Food for Life".


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