Sunday, September 29, 2013 By: veggiechicmama

Autumn Wreath

You'll need:
Clippings & sticks from Bradford pear tree clippings that you trim in Fall & strong brown & green craft wire.( you can get wire at a craft store or hardware store).

If you're careful, you can bend the sticks( not too thick) & enroll a partner(my Hubby helped me :) ) or you can invest in a wreath frame found at craft stores. Keep bending & tie tightly around until the thickness of the branches are what you want.

I have made many wreaths through the years, but this one was very nice. Wish the pictures did it justice. It's so relaxing & fun & you would normally throw the clippings away. Why not recycle & use for another purpose? Hope you have as much fun as I did!! :)


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