Thursday, July 18, 2013 By: Mandi

Nice Cream!!

This chocolate pb nice cream was put in a homemade choc. bowl!
We'd like to share a delicious Vegan recipe with you. It's a fantastic alternative to ice cream, but there's no dairy in it!! No one will guess that it's actually vegan! The secret ingredient is bananas & it is sooo creamy!! It's as delicious, if not more than, ice cream. The magic of it is you can combine many different flavors. We'd like to share with you our all time favorite: Chocolate Peanut Butter Nice Cream.

Tools needed:

A Freezer
Food Processor
Spoon or spatula
Ice cream scoop


Bananas (6)
Natural Creamy Peanut Butter (We Love Smuckers Natural)(4 Tablespoons)
Organic Cocoa Powder(2 Tablespoons)
vegan cool whip(frozen) ( we like rice whip)(as much as you want)
optional: can add nuts, vegan chocolate chips, vegan oreos, any topping desired)


                 Cut bananas in coins, place on parchment paper on cookie sheet & freeze for at least 1 hour.

                 When bananas are ready, pour in food processor with remaining ingredients, minus the toppings)

                 with spoon or spatula stir around every now & then to work it in

                 Be takes a few minutes to get creamy. It's very crumbly & chunky at first.

                 With an ice cream scoop, scoop into your favorite dish or cone, put toppings on if you'd like &                      ENJOY!!! Yummm!!
This is a strawberry-flavored nice cream!


earlyriser said...

This 'nice 'cream is AMAZING! I'll never go back to eating regular ice cream. Chocolate peanut butter is my favourite! The natural healthy ingredients make this a guilt -free treat! Thanks girls!

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